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Foam Donut Ornaments, 6 Assorted. Sweeten up the good times with these donut ornaments by Kurt Adler! This assortment features six different types of ornaments. It comes with six donuts including two frosted chocolate and vanilla, and one frosted each blue and pink. Intricate details on donut include sprinkles and frosting.

The Android lawn statues are a series of large foam statues near the Googleplex (Google's headquarters) in Mountain View, California, currently located at 1981 Landings Drive.They are based on the code names for versions of Google's Android mobile operating system, which were named after desserts and sweet treats. Google used to commission a statue for each new Android version, a tradition. A x-ray of the statues showed multiple packages stuffed inside. The statutes held 59.7 pounds of methamphetamine and 9.3 pounds of fentanyl. Troopers also found $2,900 in Rivera-Leon's front pants. Jul 10, 2012 · EPS or expanded polystyrene is the white rigid foam commonly, but mistakenly, called STYROFOAM™. EPS is manufactured by first puffing tiny beads then molding those puffed beads into very large blocks. The block size varies from factory to factory but they typically range between 30” x 48” x 192” all the way up to 50” x 70” x 290”..

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Shop for Foam Sculpture at Walmart.com. Save money. Live better. A giant foam Statue of Liberty event prop as a photo-op for Governors Ball NYC! A truck load of white EPS foam (aka Styrofoam) was turned into this incredible hand carved foam.


The troopers then conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle and found two decorative statues made of foam in the back seat. A x-ray of the statues showed multiple packages stuffed inside.....

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